March 25, 2021

netzagentur was designed in year 2000 by ing. josef hopfgartner and founded in 2001.

the idea is to gain an optimum of cost and profit by using opensource software.

customers were small and medium businesses in the region of oberkärnten and osttirol.

in the beginning the main business was setup and support for linux servers with samba as windows domain controllers. these were called "netzagent".

as from the beginning strict opensource concept was ruling, for accounting software sql-ledger was used, followed by ledgersmb later on for licence reasons.

these products have further been added to netzagentur's portfolio in order to increase sales.

the last stage began 2006 with voip. first customer was tischlerei mandler in amlach/greifenburg. the idea was to keep existing phone lines and use cheap VOIP for outgoing calls.

after a bigger customer had problems with VOIP hardware, the risk was too high for this small one man company and VOIP was dropped from portfolio.

2010 was the last business year.


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